Free delivery starting 75 € in France and 100 € in the EU.
Free delivery starting 75 € in France and 100 € in the EU.

Immortel Cédrat

Eau de Toilette

An invitation to discover the wild beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

A captivating and unique composition, Immortel Cédrat embodies the fragrance of the Aeolian Islands, where the essences of the maquis blend with the freshness of sea spray.

In these mythological lands, where the exuberance of nature meets volcanic mineralogy and the majestic Mediterranean, the citrusy notes of Bergamot merge with the aromatic scents of Verbena, Rosemary, and Basil. In its base, the salty accords of Brown Algae harmoniously converse with Cedarwood and Oakmoss, leaving a trail that is both woody and maritime.

Olfactive notes

Top notes: Bergamot, Verbena
Heart notes: Rosemary, Basil
Base notes: Brown Algae, Cedar Wood, Oakmoss
Olfactive Families
Fresh and bracing, marine accords evoke the salty breeze caressing the waves, sea spray dancing in the storm, and a fine sandy beach lined with turquoise waters. A dive into exotic or nearby shores, from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. Each journey is exhilarating, filled with the promise of new horizons, awakening the spirit of adventure within us all.
Radiant, sparkling, light, and tangy: citrus fragrances embody the freshness and vibrancy of citrus fruits. Calabrian Bergamot, Corsican Mandarin, Japanese Yuzu, Florida Pomelo, New Zealand Lime... Each note is a vibrant and sunny invitation to travel, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and from Asia to Oceania.

Frequently asked questions

You can find our products on our e-shop, and in our 2 boutiques in Paris: 30 rue Saint Roch in the 1st Arrondissement, and 76 rue de Seine in the 6th Arrondissement. We are also available in numerous points of sale in France, Europe, and the USA. To get the details of the closest retailers, you can contact us by email: [email protected].
For each order of products placed on our site, we offer 2 samples that you can choose. If you wish to test our products, all our samples are available for sale. You can also access a discovery offer of 6 samples that you can choose and in this case, the shipping costs in France and Europe are free. Please note that the sending of samples may generate shipping costs depending on the country of delivery. Any sale of samples is final, and no returns or refunds will be accepted for these products. They are also not subject to the money-back guarantee.
Perfumes are designed according to an olfactory pyramid. When you spray a perfume, the first notes you perceive are called top notes. They are often quite fresh and evaporate quite quickly, within a few minutes. As they dissipate, they give way to the heart notes that will remain present for a few hours. Finally, the scent you perceive at the end of the day is represented by the base notes, less volatile such as woods, amber, or vanilla. The base notes determine the fragrance's trail.
All our products are designed and manufactured in France. The Perfume concentrates used in the manufacturing of perfumes and eau de toilettes are made in Grasse in the Southeast of France.
No, we do not test any of our products on animals. Animal testing is furthermore banned in the European Union and has recently become non-mandatory in China. Given our commitment to respecting the planet, we categorically refuse these tests and prefer not to open our products to a market that would impose them on us.
Our advice for longer-lasting scent is to apply it to the warm parts of your body. This can be the neck, the hollow behind the ear, the wrists. You can also spray a cloud in front of you and immediately walk into this cloud, which will allow your clothes to be imbued and mark your olfactory signature. Have you ever tried the Mix&Match that Comptoir Sud Pacifique has advised to practice since its creation?
Perfumery professionals all agree: a fragrance does not really have a date after which it can no longer be used. To guarantee a unique olfactory experience, some perfume houses choose to include a preservation date on the packaging.
Perfumers have a palette of raw materials among which there are natural ingredients, but also some synthetics like Musks because today all animal-derived raw materials are banned. Each ingredient is carefully examined to meet the strictest health and safety standards.


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