Free delivery starting 75 € in France and 100 € in the EU.
Free delivery starting 75 € in France and 100 € in the EU.
The Comptoir Sud Pacifique universe.
The heart of Comptoir
Comptoir Sud Pacifique is an independent Parisian Perfume House. Its creations embody an "ode to olfactory discovery and exploration".
The adventure began in 1974 with a journey to Polynesia by its founders: Pierre and Josée Fournier. It was during this trip, in the archipelagos of the South Pacific, that they determined the strong values that have shaped the identity of Comptoir Sud Pacifique.
The essence of the House can be summed up as a creativity inspired by travel and exoticism, and a non-ostentatious luxury in detail and simplicity.
Comptoir today
Since 2011, Valérie Pianelli has been at the helm of this Perfume House and with dynamism and passion, she combines the strong legacy left by the founders with current expectations. The bet seems to have paid off, as the mythical fragrances of the Maison, known as "Eaux de Voyages", available in Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, appeal to up to three generations of families!
Over time, the distant travels, the unusual and precious ingredients that inspire all the creations signed by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, as well as the combination of classicism and olfactory avant-garde, have given birth to true best-sellers. Vanille Extrême, Aqua Motu, Rhum&Tabac, Coeur d'Ylang, and Musc Cristal have become must-haves of the Maison in recent years.
Our perfumes
Inspired by the magic of travel and enriched with raw materials from Grasse, the different fragrance collections of Comptoir Sud Pacifique invite you to explore all the "olfactory possibilities".
From Vanilla to Spices, through Exotic Flowers and precious Woods, let yourself be enchanted by our perfumes according to your desires and moods. Like a soliflore, each scented creation reveals the beauty of the ingredient.
Another choice made by Comptoir Sud Pacifique is to invite you to combine the fragrances together, according to your inspiration, much like a painter would do with the essential colors of their palette!
Our commitments
High-quality ingredients
An intense and unforgettable sensory experience.
Recycled containers, no colorants...
Diverse olfactory universes
A multitude of fragrances to suit your desires.


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