Collection Voyages en Orient


Here is an interpretation of a mythic journey with six unique and ultra modern scents, a crescendo of feelings and emotions ... The imaginary journey begins on the Mediterranean sea shores at the gates of Istanbul in Turkey and ends at the borders of Arabia ... In between, there are 2 intermediate stages of this fabulous olfactory journey: a break in the Cedar forests of Lebanon and a tour in the lands flooded by the Euphrates to savour the sweet and sensual fragrance of jasmine….

An original collection: each fragrance is signed by a “nose” whose personality, curiosity and enthusiasm for this project guided the creation.

Finally, some key points for this beautiful project: the freedom of choice in selecting the finest raw materials, price being no object; a strong focus on product quality in the tradition of refined high perfumery.

Bois Royal
Epices Sultanes
Jardin Néroli
Jasmin Poudré
Oudh Intense
Oudh Sensuel