This is the historical collection of COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE that, since 40 years, has made the notoriety of the company.

Since the start, COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE established itself as a brand ready to explore and charm the wildest scents, the more sensual, the more carnal that have been offered to us by the faraway lands. Our perfumers know the way to interpret exotic and contrasted journeys.  

Looking for a chemistry able to awaken emotions, they make us travel in our colored memories, the most pleasant and stunning. With the aim of recreating the spirit of place, its authenticity, COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE stages original fragrance's chords composed in Grasse, following the traditional perfumery. Currently, this collection has 17 Eaux de Toilette and 8 Eaux de Parfum dispatched between 6 olfactory families. 

Eaux de Parfum

Aqua Motu Intense

Cœur d’Ylang
Eclats d'Amandes
Eclats d'Amandes

Green Patchouli

Musc & Roses

Rhum & Tabac
Souffle des Indes

Vanille Passion

Vétyver Haïti

Eaux de Toilette

Aloha Tiaré

Amour de Cacao

Aqua Motu

Bois de Filao

Coco Extrême

Coco Figue

Eau de Biarritz

Eau des Lagons

Matin Câlin

Mora Bella

Musc Alizé

Vanille Abricot

Vanille Ambre

Vanille Banane

Vanille Blackberry
Vanille Café
Vanille Café

Vanille Coco

Vanille Extrême